Visit Siracusa

These are a few Siracusa main attractions. The Town is full of hystorical sites, culture and beautiful natural reserves. You can have unforgettable experiences during your stay.

Site of Interest

Archeological Park of Neapolis : here you can find many signs of the ancient greek town of Siracusa like the Greek Theatre, the Roman amphitheater and Ear of Dionysius.

Ortigia Island : a fascinating place to explore. In here you can find Doumo Square, Fountain of Arethusa, Maniace Castle.

San Giovanni catacombs : A fascinating and suggestive place, there are intricate tunnels, well-preserved tombs and frescoes to discover.

The Beaches

Fontane Bianche : white sand and crystal clear water is very popular with visitors and also offers amenities such as restaurants, bars and water sports facilities. Quite e Tourist place.

Arenella Beach : one of the most beautiful in the area. With fine sand and clear waters, it is an ideal place to relax and sunbathe.


Fresh fish : Syracuse offers a wide choice of fresh fish dishes. Sample specialties such as swordfish alla ghiotta, pasta with sardines and roasted tuna.

Arancini : Arancini are a classic Sicilian street food and you can find them in many shops and bakeries in Syracuse. 

Sicilian Desserts : Cannoli, cassata, granita and ice cream are just some of the delicious cakes you can enjoy during your visit.